International Activities

(1) Documents released by JCM
1) Presentation at Lips2012 (Lean Construction in Public Sector Conference) conference in Finland  paper , PP
2) Report made by JCM (The report of "Civil-Engineer System and Management of Public Works in Europe")
3) Presentation at Lips2013 (Lean Construction in Public Sector Conference) conference in Nottingham  paper , PP
4) Presentation at IGLC 2014 (International Group of Lean Construction Conference) in Oslo paper 1 , paper 2
5) Presentation at International Conference on "Lean Construction" 17 October in HK paper
6) ICE Proceeding, Civil Engineering Volume 166 Issue CE4, 2013, "The 2011 Great East japan earthquake,tsunami and nuclear disaster "by Akira Inokuma et al. paper
(2) Documents of other organizations     

  (2-1) Construction Management Related
1) Guidelines of Continuing Professional Development in U.K & U.S & each states
2) Document of alliance contract in Australia (Queensland & Victoria) )
3) VOB2009 (German public works standard contract regulation)
4) Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fritz Gehbauer, M.S. Lean Management im Bauwesen - Grundlagen - (Document of Lean Construction)
5) Jean-François COSTE European civil engineering and professional qualification (Information on Civil engineering profession)
6) Lean Construction(2014IGLC)
  (2-2) Tunnel Safety Related
1) Guidelines for Road Tunnel safety design (English ver.) issued by ANAS S.p.A.(Italy), 2006
2) Guide to Road Tunnel Safety Documentation - Booklet 4: Specific Hazard Investigations issued by CETU (France), 2003
3) Signalling and support measures for self-evacuation of users from road tunnels issued by CETU (France), 2010
(3) Exchange of Information with other organizations
1) 2011: Survey tour to Europe (France, Germany & U.K.)
 4 members of JCM did overseas survey on construction management engineers’ system and present situations of change order in France, Germany and U.K. in January, 2011. The main surveys were interview researches. The institutes that we visited for the research were seven, such as Conseil National Des Ingenieurs et des Scientifiques de France, SYNTEC-INGENIERIE (both in France), HOCHBAUAMT, Institut fur Technologie und Management im Baubetrieb des Karlsruher Instituts fur Technologie (KIT) and Ingenieurkammer Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany), Institution of Civil Engineers and The Bartlett, University College London (U.K.)
2) 2008: Survey tour to U.S. and Canada
 We visited U.S. to attend a seminar of construction management and investigation at Washington University. In addition to that, we had interviews with some university professors in both U.S. and Canada to know how to resolve specific some problems, such as simplifying submitting documents.

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