Domestic Activities

1           Activities for promoting skills and knowledge of construction management engineers

1)        Continuing Professional Development System (CPDS)

  • Three means in the table below is supposed to improve the construction management ability of engineers


Promotion of Construction Management Engineers Skill

Continuing Education (CPDS)

Educational background & professional qualification

Experience in Construction Works

  • Now there are about 140,000 members of CPDS in 2011.  
  • Objectives of CPDS is to improve skills of licensed engineers
  • CPDS is to record ones continuing education credited by Learning Unit (learning hour record). The system keeps individual study records acquired through study .

The Learning Unit is valid for 5 years from the day of study activity, and will be continuously accumulated in the CPDS database every time a study is completed. The Learning Unit becomes invalid automatically after 5 years from the day of study activity. To submit to owner for bidding, as a proof of being an excellent engineer, CPDS certificate will be issued for CPDS participants.

2)        JCM examination of civil engineering

JCM started a construction management engineering examination in 2012. There are two types of examinations, one is a general test to measure basic knowledge of civil engineering, the other is a technical test to measure civil engineers specific knowledge of construction work. We aim to spread the spirits of civil engineering. The future examinations are planning to be executed in some prefectures in addition to Tokyo.

3)        Seminars

JCM organizes some seminars as follows;

  • Managing engineer seminar (A contractor should place a managing engineer who got the certificate and attended this type of seminar which he compulsory participates in once five years, appointed by the minister of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism).
  • How to improve negotiation skills as site agents
  • Practical course of construction management to make a difference at Comprehensive Evaluation
  • The technical policy of safety for civil engineering construction management etc.

4)        Publication of JCM Monthly Report (Periodical magazine for members) and Engineering Books

JCM Monthly Report provides the up-to-date information on civil engineering, JCMS activities, and trend of circumstances. Its role is to reflect various views of construction management engineers and facilitate mutual communication among them. Here are some titles:

  • Report of the committee that researches the measures to prevent falling from a stage at site
  • Flash report of work-site accidents in 2010
  • Survey on construction management engineers system and site management in Europe (U.K., France and Germany)

5)        Technical Papers

JCM calls for unique, technical papers to JCM participants. The examples of contents are like:

  • Improvement, challenge and resolution at construction sites
  • Lean management for construction management
  • Construction of Approach Bridge on the sea (Tokyo Gate Bridge)
  • Cutting work process of change order for temporary works

Aiming at a safe construction etc.

  • 2014 JCM Lean Construction Related Seminar & Productivity and Quality Improvement Seminar   Link

2           Activities for improving work-site productivity

1)        Meeting with public works owners

JCM intends to improve skills of construction management engineers and situation of site through the meeting with MLIT, construction management engineers associations all over Japan and experts.

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